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Chateau Taillefer Lafon wedding, wedding photographer-Sensen photography
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Mike & Samia

Chateau Taillefer Lafon wedding |montreal wedding photographer | montreal wedding photos | Sensen photography
montreal wedding photographer: Sensen + Ling

Country: Canada (Montreal)

Reception hall: Château Taillefer Lafon - Vignoble


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婚攝,婚攝森森,婚禮紀錄, 台北和璞

Leslie & Rina Wedding

 婚攝 | 台北和璞婚禮紀錄 | 婚攝推薦 | 台北婚攝 | 婚攝森森

這場婚禮紀錄是訂婚+結婚同天+晚宴客, 當天下著雨, 但很幸運地, 當有需要在外面活動時, 雨就變小了, 整個婚禮的進行都很順利啊~ 
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montreal wedding photographer

Adam & Emily

白屋婚禮攝影 | 高雄婚攝 | 婚禮攝影 | 婚攝森森 | 婚禮紀錄 | 美式婚禮


It was an outdoor wedding, with colorful balloons in the garden and nice band. For me, this scene perfectly brought out the cheery and romantic atmosphere of the wedding event.

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University Club Montreal wedding photography, montreal wedding photographer

Arc & Jiang

university club montreal wedding photography | montreal wedding photographer | montreal wedding photos | Sensen photography

It was so pleasant to take wedding and pre_wedding photos for this lovely couple. It was a very impressive experiment to ride on a carriage at the Old Port; when we were taking photos,  most of the pedestrian gave us their blessings – that was so sweet ^^.

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