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montreal wedding photographer review

Thanks to the couples I served who have written these reviews for me. I like taking wedding photos, and I always tell myself to make 100% effort at every single wedding, to capture those fleeting scenes and details full of emotions, as well as those sweet interactions.

The procedures during a wedding happen very fast, and any missed pictures cannot be retrieved. For this reason, I treasure each opportunity I can take photos, and value each moment I can press the shutter.

Wedding photos are not just photos; they have a special magic, the magic that can freeze time. Our memories might blur with time, and after one year, five years, or ten years, you might gradually forget the beautiful moments during the wedding. However, with these photos, you can remember the wonderful feelings and various funny things at the wedding; you can relive the important moments of your life, and feel the atmosphere again. Hi, I am wedding Photographer Sensen; nice to meet you ^_^

These wedding reviews were written on wedding platform and fan page, the more reviews were in the mail and FB message.